Why no Tuition Fees?

Participants on the CDI MBA are working paid professionals and therefore deemed “Fellows” not students. Their MBA education is paid for by (their employers) organisations in partnership with CDI to create the next generation of professional managers and they receive a salary whilst studying. The MBA consists of (420 hours over 14 weeks) of theory, practice and case studies in management, alternated with 27 weeks of management consultancy practice in the funding organisations.

Those who complete the CDI MBA are capable and qualified to run full-scale consultancy projects and are extremely employable.

The CDI MBA participant enters into a 10 month contract of employment. This covers all tuition fees, pays a salary and covers all costs associated with residential courses that are run in foreign countries (non resident).

CDI MBA fellows are expected to integrate the learning from their CDI MBA course into the funding employer organisations.

Due to this fully integrated approach to management education a CDI MBA bestows unique advantages on its fellows:-

- innovative recruitment

Only intelligent, talented fellows are accepted and the funding method means that money is not a barrier to those whose personal finances are limited.

- innovative learning

Fellows participate in a truly innovative MBA; they take the learning and implement it in a client organisation. They benefit from facing the challenges of the young professional, in satisfying the client organisation, supported by the CDI structure.

- the personal competitive advantage

In crowded marketplace fellows need an MBA that makes them stand out. CDI Graduates will be able to demonstrate real professional experience that positions them in the recruitment market as seasoned young consultants, not ordinary management graduates.

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This file request will be received by the admissions office of the CDI. In addition to this e-mail request,  we recommend you to send a confirmation by mail or fax and a resume.

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