Executive Programs


The executive programs goal is to prepare young "high potential" managers to managing positions. These programmes are in the core of the HR strategy to develop the internal breeding ground for high potential people. CDI conceives and manage such a tailor made programmes for international companies.

Learning expeditions

CDI « learning expeditions » have the following goals:

  • to accompany confirmed managers to hold a position of managing directors,
  • to give them performance tools,
  • to arouse a gloabl vision of their organisation and of its stakes,
  • to help experience sharing and network development,
  • to reinforce the corporate affection.

Some recent samples of « Learning Expeditions » in different countries

  • European institutions reforms
  • Energetic policy of USA
  • Partnership between State and private companies in Italy
  • Sustainable development in Central European
  • Sciences and competitiveness of Cambridge
  • Central European as a business hub
  • Chinese urban developments
  • Financial crisis: strengths, weaknesses and resiliency of NYC
  • Singapore and Hong Kong: advanced hubs of the Chinese globalisation
  • Seattle and Vancouver: technological gateways to Asia Pacific

State of the Art in Management tools:
Seminars and conferences with world class professors.



Master classes


Le face à face avec des décideurs de premier plan permet seul de faire comprendre la spécificité et la complexité du métier de dirigeant. De manière décontractée et informelle, le CDI a organisé depuis 20 ans des « coins du feu » avec la plupart des décideurs du CAC40 et des dirigeants du DAX, qui sont autant de Master Classes.
82 Master Classes ont eu lieu depuis 1991.

Récents exemples de « Master Classes »:

Claude Bébéar, Jean-Louis Beffa, Antony J. Blinken, Serge Dassault, Franz Fehrenbach, Louis Gallois, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Gustav Humbert, Roberto Lavagna, Jean-David Lévitte, Peter Löscher, Pr Joseph S. Nye, Michel Péberau, Jean Peyrelevalde, Pr Sir Martin Rees, Edouard de Royère, Louis Schweitzer, Wang Shaoqi , Pr Peter Skalicky, Jean-Claude Trichet, Jacques Veyrat





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This file request will be received by the admissions office of the CDI. In addition to this e-mail request,  we recommend you to send a confirmation by mail or fax and a resume.

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