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The majority of young graduate engineers have already, by the end of their studies, carried out projects for corporations, or completed long-term cooperative training periods during their studies. They have considered and solved technical problems, or project management issues. At the time, they have benefited from a trainee status, sponsored both by their University and the host corporation.

What is an assignment?
The content of the assignment is always a business project, even if it includes technical aspects requiring an engineer’s competence. To fulfill the assignment, throughout 10 months of its duration, the fellow shall have, at the same time, to implement the methods and theoretical tools he has been taught in the CDI, and to prove he has fully absorbed the “ethos” of a young consultant. The fellow will do this by knowing how to treat the client respectfully, courteously and professionally, not a “boss”, a teacher or a coach. This double achievement is going to be the yardstick by which we measure the fellow's “high potential” quality.
All through the assignment, the CDI stands by its fellows to provide them with technical resources, coaching and means of personal development. The CDI is their “base camp” while the assignments are the fellows’ front office.


What does a consulting assignment consist of?

Each fellow , during his or her training, works as a junior consultant within a big firm. The assignment aims at finding real solutions to the problems posed by the client corporations. The aim is also to help the client to satisfy its own clients : it is a Business to Business assignment. The fellow defines the aim of the assignment with the client, then he or she shall manage and be responsible for the achievement of the assignment. The fellows alternately move from their assignment to their seminars at the CDI.
The assignments are located in France, Germany and Switzerland. The CDI also supervises the fellows during the period of the assignment. Intermediate presentations and reports are also part of the assignment.
The assignment is evaluated on the basis of the client’s satisfaction during the assignment period. The admission at the CDI is independent from the assignments proposed by the corporations.

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