Some Alumni leaders


Portraits of three young women leaders:

Martha Crawford            

Martha  Heitzmann  Crawford, holds  both  French  and  US  citizenship.
She  earned her PhD  in Environmental and  Chemical Engineering at Harvard  University  and  an MBA  from  the Collège  des Ingénieurs (Paris). From  1991 to 1999, she held  several positions in environmental  infrastructure  and  technology at  the  World  Bank  and  the  Asian  Development  Bank.
She  then  became principal administrator of the Performance and Environmental information division of the OECD until 2007.
She was  then  appointed Director  of Global Research  and  Development  of  the  Air  Liquide  Group.
From  2011  to  2014, she was Director  of  Research,  Development  and  Innovation  of  Areva, where she also served as a member of the Executive Committee. Since April 2014, she has been an R&D and  strategy consultant for companies  and  governments.
In  July  2016 she joins the  faculty  of Harvard  Business  School as  a  specialist  in  technology,  innovation  and  product  development.
Martha  Heitzmann  Crawford  is  a  Knight  of  the French National  Order  of  Merit. In  2013, she was named "Woman of the Year in R&D" by the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle.



Isabel Marey-Semper         

Executive Vice President Communications & Public Affairs, member of the Executive Committee, L'Oréal, General Manager, L'Oréal Foundation.

Isabel Marey-Semper joined L’Oréal in January 2010 as Director of Shared Services for the Research & Innovation Department. In this capacity, Isabel Marey-Semper was in charge of leading the transformation of the Department in pursuit of L’Oréal’s strategy to conquer one billion new consumers. She was subsequently appointed Senior Vice President of Advanced Research of L’Oréal. Isabel Marey-Semper and her team lead the internationalization of Advanced Research with the opening of research centers in India, Singapore and California, and accelerated the use of modeling in the creation of molecules and their evaluation. In coordination with the other R&I teams, she reinforced the importance of placing consumer needs at the heart of the Research strategy.

Isabel Marey-Semper is a graduate of l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm, holds a Ph.D. in Neuro-Pharmacology from Université Paris Pierre et Marie Curie - Collège de France and an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs, Paris.



Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet         

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, née le 14 mai 1973 dans le 15e arrondissement de Paris, est une femme politique française. Membre du parti Les Républicains, elle est députée de la quatrième circonscription de l'Essonne et présidente du groupe Les Républicains au conseil de Paris.

Elle exerça auparavant les fonctions de conseillère régionale d’Île-de-France, maire de Longjumeau, secrétaire d’État chargée de l’Écologie, puis chargée de la Prospective et du Développement de l’Économie numérique et enfin ministre de l’Écologie, du Développement durable, des Transports et du Logement. Elle fut aussi secrétaire générale adjointe de l’UMP et porte-parole de Nicolas Sarkozy lors de l’élection présidentielle de 2012. Candidate à la mairie de Paris pour les élections municipales de mars 2014, elle est depuis chef de l'opposition au conseil de Paris. De décembre 2014 à décembre 2015, elle est vice-présidente de l'UMP puis de Les Républicains.

source: Wikipédia




Portraits of three young leaders:

Jacques Veyrat         

Diplômé de l'Ecole Polytechnique (1983) et des Ponts-et-Chaussées (1988), Jacques Veyrat a exercé différentes responsabilités au Ministère des Finances, à la Direction du Trésor de 1989 à 1993, puis au Ministère de l'Equipement de 1993 à 1995.
Après avoir rejoint le Groupe Louis Dreyfus en 1995, il est notamment nommé Directeur Général de Louis Dreyfus Armateurs en 1996. Il crée LDCom en 1998, rebaptisé Neuf Telecom en 2004, puis Neuf Cegetel en 2005, qu'il quitte en avril 2008 lors de la vente de la société à SFR. En mai 2008, il est nommé Président du Groupe Louis Dreyfus.
Il est Président de Impala SAS depuis juillet 2011.
Impala SAS développe notamment Eifferl Investment Group (Gestion alternative), Neoen (Energies Renouvelables), Poweo Direct Energie (distribution d'électricité), ainsi que des activités en Chine.


John de Souza          

John de Souza is president of consumer business at Physicians Interactive, responsible for the consumer health division.

A serial entrepreneur, John has founded and held senior management positions in several startup companies. For eight years, John was the president and CEO of MedHelp, the world’s largest health community, which was recently acquired by Aptus, formerly Physicians Interactive. John co-founded Flash Communications, a startup company that developed real-time two-way messaging systems acquired by Microsoft.

John was Co-Founder and Director of Smartleaf, a financial software company that provided account management solutions, and later, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at DESoFT, a startup company acquired by Merrill Lynch that developed online real-time brokerage systems for retail brokerage firms. John started his career in healthcare performing research on guidance systems for robotic surgery at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Additionally, he was the head of the Technology Practice in Goldman Sachs’ Private Equity Group investing in healthcare and technology. John received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the MIT and an MBA from College des Ingenieurs in France.


Li Jiaqing          

Richard is Managing Director of Legend Capital, company he joined in 2001. He oversees investment opportunities around Shanghai area and covers a full-range of sectors under LC's investment themes including outsourcing & professional services, networks, infrastructure, consumer products, health care, clean tech, modern services and equipment.

He is responsible for investments in CDIM, Live by Touch, Taner International, and Photonic Bridges (acquired by Siemens).

Prior to Legend Capital, Richard served as new business development manager at Legend Group (the predecessor of Lenovo Group)’s Business Development Dept. from 1998 to 2000 and business development consultant for Saint-Gobain Group (Paris) from 2000 to 2001.

Richard holds a dual B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Economics& Management and a master’s degree in Management Engineering from Tshinghua University, and an MBA from College Des Ingenieurs.

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