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The CDI is an international independent institution for post-graduate education. 100% financed by industry, the CDI is proud to be able to offer its participants a unique framework and very special studying conditions: the best professors who teach in the most prestigious private universities (Harvard, Chicago, INSEAD ...) and public universities (St Gall, Lausanne ...), industry standard residential programmes and workshops, a management structure based on a consulting model and strong professional links with business.
Unique ? - the CDI covers the total costs of tuition, pays a salary to its participants and rewards all this work, in theory and in practice, with an MBA. All our programmes are based on the motto: "Learning through action": A year at the CDI really is a year spent on the job.


The CDI has been created, in France and in Germany and in partnership with leading corporations throughout the world. We review the top graduates from the best European, American and Chinese universities. However, the CDI was created to select only those young graduate engineers and scientists with real leadership potential and to train them in management to become future high potential managers.


We have three major fields of competence

Detecting, pre-selecting, interviewing

Throughout the world, each year, we assess 600 qualified engineers and scientists. These are the most talented and educated in the best academic institutions. We are looking for those who are capable of very quickly assimilating the lessons given by first rank management professors, who teach in the short list of the world's top business schools.


From these 600 engineers, the hundred we believe to be the most gifted for action, the most capable of taking up the challenge of performance, within ten months, in picking up the attitude, the methods and the specific values of the people endowed with a very high business potential.


A unique assessment process. The CDI programme © is trusted by the forefront teams of our top international corporation partners. It has accelerated the progress of young talents to key-positions in wealth generation.

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This file request will be received by the admissions office of the CDI. In addition to this e-mail request,  we recommend you to send a confirmation by mail or fax and a resume.

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