The MBA Programme - in a nutshell

The management programme at the Collège des Ingénieurs is an innovative MBA programme: it is based on a unique development process of learning-through-action. It has been specially designed to take engineering and science graduates from the world’s top universities and prepare them for the highest and most responsible positions in the world of business. The CDI searches for the unusual profile of the entrepreneur, capable of stimulating real innovation and driving through change programmes. This explains why the CDI is very selective, international and why it accepts only one hundred participants per year for all of its three sites (Paris, Munich and Turin) from among one thousand four hundred applications.

Once accepted, the MBA programme participants become salaried employees of the Collège des Ingénieurs with a 10 month contract. This gives them free access to the series of intensive seminars and the “junior consultant” assignments within a chosen organisation. The salary covers the cost of living.