What makes us special?

Young in-House managers, not students

There are three ways of teaching the methods of management :

  • Example 1 : 100% academic programmes, on a campus ;
  • Example 2 : programmes which alternate academic courses on a campus and external assignments with a firm.
  • Example 3 : Integrated action-learning programmes, generally within the firms themselves as trainee or high potential intern programmes. In these last cases, the participants are paid as in-house trainees.


The concept of the CDI programme is that of action-learning (example 3).
The fellows taking part in it are neither full-time (example 1) nor part-time (example 2) students.
They are young professionals paid by the CDI, in charge of assignments, that the CDI has been entrusted with by client firms.

They are young in-house CDI managers fully exercising their business responsibilities and new competences.

From the point of view of young engineers

The CDI is intended for young qualified engineers and graduate scientists for whom excellence and exertion are reference values. After having brilliantly completed their scientific and technical studies in the most prestigious schools and universities, they wish to benefit society, as engineers and scientists.


The CDI is considered by them neither as an additional diploma which would raise the level of mediocre intellectual performances, nor as an extra academic period which might treat a possible lack of self-confidence.


From the point of view of corporations

Corporations are not entirely satisfied with the existing academic criteria of excellence - Career surveys show that academic excellence or the acquisition of more and more qualifications is not a good guide to selecting tomorrow's business leaders.


If abstract intelligence, curiosity, a taste for effort, swiftness are indispensable qualities, rather correctly identified as such by the criteria of academic awards, young professionals must have developed other resources in terms of personality and of method, in order to belong to the circle of the high potential managers. Now, these resources are generally ill-treated by the educational world.

Corporations with a human resources policy of detection of identifying very high potential managers, are looking for new places where these resources of personality and methods are at the very heart of the training process.

From the point of view of « classical » business-schools

Focused on management and the effective managing of change, the CDI provides high level, multidimensional action training. Only the “ theoretical ” part of this training can be compared with the teaching given by classical business schools. The theoretical courses are of top quality by the world standards, as is the prestigious international diploma (MBA) which we grant to our students.


This theoretical guarantee is but a part of the specific validation expected by the corporations who are looking for very high potential managers.


Beyond the acquired knowledge of an academic MBA, achievement through action is the core of the strategic positioning of the CDI – Its young professionals are recruited to obtain results of exceptional value for the benefit of real clients. During their ten month commitment, the CDI prove to be a process of personal development.


Beyond reach of the classical business-school methods, this educational objective has led the CDI to develop social structures, values and methods comparable with those developed by the consulting firms. These consulting firms often described as “schools of instruction”, are the true competitive rivals of the CDI .

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