Februar 2007. Kooperation der führenden technischen Universitäten in Deutschland TU9 und dem CDI bietet optimale Karrierechancen für Absolventen :

TU9 ist der Verband der führenden Technischen Universitäten in Deutschland : RWTH Aachen, TU München, Universität Karlsruhe (TH)), Universität Stuttgart, TU Dresden, TU Darmstadt, TU Berlin, TU Braunschweig und die Leibniz Universität Hannover.

TU9 und das CDI vereinbaren eine Zusammenarbeit, um den Absolventen einen vielversprechenden Einstieg in eine internationale Managementkarriere zu erleichtern. Dies kommt den Absolventen dieser Top Universitäten bereits ab dem Programmstart 2007 zu Gute. Sie werden direkt über ihre Universität Informationen über das CDI erhalten und sie werden von dem speziellen 

On January 8, 2007 : At the welcoming reception of the January intake, the French Minister of Research and Higher Education, Mr. F. Goulard greeted the new fellows at the French Parliament.

On 0ctober 24, 2006 the french Prime Minister received the report "From University to Employment" from the special committee "Commission Nationale Université-Emploi" at La Sorbonne. Philippe Mahrer (director of the CDI) represented the Collège des Ingénieurs as a member of the committee.

0ctober 4-8, 2006. The CDI management accounting seminar : Professor Fickert, St Gallen University. Kloster Kappel am Albis.


On the 28th of September 2006, the CDI, the Sorbonne and the French Association of the Gas Producers (A.F.G.) signed an agreement to train top chinese executives of Beijing Gas Group.

On the 30th of June 2006, 450 alumnis and guests met together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CDI

The CDI football team at the Stade de France on Friday, 30 June 2006.


May 2006, Collège des Ingénieurs in Berlin :

Networking event with Lufthansa : CDI welcomes Mr. Kropp, Vice President Head of Corporate International Relations and Mr. Fay, Head of Talent Sourcing as well as Mrs. Heidemann, HR Talent Sourcing.


At the occasion of the selection of the new 2006 Chinese fellows, the CDI Shanghai China Club organised a welcome lunch in Putong.

From the News Desk :
Trying to get the workforce right has led to more than a century of innovations.1881 Business goes to College ; 1900 MBA ; 1911 Taylorism ; 1943 Executive MBAs ...2005 Action Learning "Not to be confused with Outward Bound type team-building, this growing training practice is based on the premise that it makes more sense to put promising people to work on real business problems than to bore them with theoretical campus learning. They get trained and the company gets a problem solved. Adherents include J&J, IBM, and General Electric." Business Week, Oct. 10.2005

LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Fendi, Hennessy, Loewe...) and the CDI signed a cooperation agreement at top corporate level on the 8th of July 2005.
LVMH and the CDI agree to cooperate on a long term perspective. LVMH will encourage its companies and brands to use the CDI as an external sourcing pool for young high potential management candidates.

Le Collège des Ingénieurs a organisé à Rome un séminaire pour 22 hauts potentiels de la Société Bouygues Construction du 20 au 23 Juin 2005.
M. Knut Stannowski et M. Philippe Mahrer ont accueilli à cette occasion M. François Jacquel, Directeur Central des Ressources Humaines de Bouygues Construction, et M. Pascal Grangé, Secrétaire Général de Bouygues Construction, à la Villa Medicis.

Das Collège des Ingénieurs wird von deutschen Personalmanagern als eine der renommiertesten Institutionen in Europa eingestuft
Die Wirtschaftswoche zusammen mit Access haben 800 Personalmanager aus 600 Unternehmen befragt. Das Collège des Ingénieurs hat unter den deutschen Personalmanagern einen hervorragenden Ruf: es wurde unter die top 2 Institutionen in Europa eingestuft (Artikel der Wirtschaftswoche, Mrz. 2005).

Air Liquide and the CDI signed a cooperation agreement at top corporate level on the 27th of june 2005
At top corporate level, Air Liquide and the Collège des Ingénieurs agree on a close co-operation with the aim that Air Liquide can offer excellent career opportunities to CDI graduates.

Gustav Humbert, CEO von Airbus am CDI
Gustav Humbert, CEO von Airbus, war unser Gast im Rahmen der traditionellen Kamingespräche 2002. Mit seinem Kommen unterstrich er den hohen Stellenwert des Talent-Sourcing für EADS und Airbus und der Kooperation zwischen EADS und dem CDI.

Alumniversammlung CDI Deutschland & Schweiz in Baden-Baden am 9. Januar 2005

ETSIT y ETSII Madrid - Presentación, lunes 13 de diciembre de 2004

Lufthansa AG and the CDI signed a cooperation agreement at top corporate level on the 14th of october 2004
At top corporate level, Lufthansa AG and the Collège des Ingénieurs agree on a close co-operation with the aim that Lufthansa can offer excellent career opportunities to CDI graduates, such as the Lufthansa ProTeam. ProTeam is the Lufthansa Aviation Group's program for up-and-coming young managers.

A l'invitation de l'Ambassade de France en Hongrie, 250 anciens du Programme Copernic se sont réunis à Budapest les 22 et 23 mai 2004 pour leur assemblée générale décennale.
Le Programme Copernic se devait de fêter l'élargissement de l'Union Européenne. Sont venues à Budapest de toute l'Europe des délégations de toutes les promotions du Programme Copernic. Ce fut l'occasion, avec les partenaires français publics et privés du Programme, de faire le point sur les perspectives qui sont offertes dans la nouvelle Europe aux talents francophones et amis de la France.

EADS and the CDI signed a cooperation agreement in a long term perspective on the 30th of September 2003
At a top corporate level, the CDI and EADS agree to enhance a long term cooperation in the field of education in Germany and France. EADS, the leading aeronautic and aerospace company, wishes to offer high potential graduates from the CDI excellent career opportunities.

Memorandum of understanding concerning the training of Chinese engineers signed on the 25th of January 2004.

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