How does the in-company project work?

Each fellow will develop a practical learning through a in-company project in an international company during the programme. The aim of the project is to give each fellow the opportunity to bring real solutions to real business problems. The aim is to help the company to satisfy its own clients. Within the project, he or she will be in charge of defining the objectives together with the partner company. He or she will then propose the solution he or she sees to the problem and carry out the project. They are working with top management decision makers. Projects are focused on innovation, business development and market studies, strategic approaches to management issues or optimizing organization of the company. All projects are related to technology. Project phases within the company alternate with classes at the CDI. Companies in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland offer projects to the CDI. The CDI coaches its fellows during the project phase. Internal presentations and reports are part of the project management process. The project is evaluated on the criteria of client satisfaction and innovation through project work. Admission to the CDI is independent from any project proposed by companies.

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Vous êtes candidat


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Cette demande de dossier sera reçue par le bureau des admissions du CDI. En plus de cette demande par formulaire, nous vous demandons de nous faire parvenir une confirmation postale ou par email (à amotte(at) avec un CV.

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