What are the admission criteria?

The selection process is based on personality and leadership capacities, as well as an excellent academic record:
A potential for management positions with a strong potential for future development
A solid academic background with outstanding results in the engineering or scientific field (MSc., PhD level or equivalent).

Previous international experience is desirable but not a must: this may include study or work outside your home country. Good levels of English and either German or French or Italian are advantageous. There are no GMAT scores taken into account for admission. The selection process is based on

  • academic results
  • a written candidate statement
  • two letters of recommendation
  • the results of admission interviews at the CDI.

Interested candidates should request an application form from the CDI.

Vous êtes candidat


Vous êtes candidat


Comment recevoir un dossier de candidature ?


Cette demande de dossier sera reçue par le bureau des admissions du CDI. En plus de cette demande par formulaire, nous vous demandons de nous faire parvenir une confirmation postale ou par email (à amotte(at)cdi.eu) avec un CV.

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