What are contractual links between the admitted fellows and the sponsoring companies?

There are no contractual links between the admitted fellows of the CDI and the sponsoring companies. There is no obligation for the fellows to work for one of the sponsoring companies after graduation.

What are the contractual links between the CDI and admitted fellows?

Upon admission, each fellow receives a grant which covers tuition fees and living expenses. A working contract for fixed period of 10 months is signed between the CDI and each fellow. Depending upon the country where the project is, each fellow is covered by health insurance system either in Germany, France, Italy or Switzerland. Upon acceptance, both the CDI and the accepted fellow are responsible for application for visa and working permit if required.

Does the CDI organize information sessions?

Yes, the CDI participates in a number of selected events in Europe and North America. Those information sessions include presentations and workshops as well as the opportunity to meet participating fellows. These events are announced in the different universities as well as on the CDI website.

What career activities take place?

As result of the close relationship that the CDI has established with the client companies, a variety of top level entrance positions can be offered to CDI graduates within the more than 100 sponsoring companies in Europe. Some companies offer the possibility of combining the CDI programme with their management trainee programme. The CDI counsels fellows in their career choice and placement individually and in classes. The active network of alumni in Europe, North America and China offers a variety of links. The CDI brings alumni into class to share experience and to conduct active networking.

Does the CDI offer any additional financial aid?

Yes, in addition to the financial package offered, CDI fellows can individually take a loan to cover additional living expenses in the Paris region.

Does the CDI have executive or PhD programmes?

The CDI has special agreements with companies for internal executive programmes. These programmes are not open to external participants.
The CDI participates in the PhD “Science and Management” programme, which combines a PhD in natural or applied sciences (such as physics, informatics, biology or mathematics) with the CDI MBA. This programme is organised jointly by Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) and the Collège des Ingénieurs.

Is it possible to have a job during the programme?

No, the very intensive schedule is not conducive to work-study. Classes are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. plus individual working time. Classes are from Monday to Friday, some classes are during the week-end. During project phases, presence in the company will be during working hours.

How much are the tuition fees and how are they covered?

There is no tuition fee to be paid by applicants. All admitted candidates automatically receive full financial aid which covers tuition fees, living expenses and health insurance. In the CDI 100% of the participants have company sponsorship, organised by CDI, whereas in most schools only 10-20 % of participants are company sponsored.

Whom is the CDI MBA accredited and recognized by?

The Collège des Ingénieurs and its MBA course and degree are accredited by the French State (represented by the “Ministère de l'Écologie, de l'Énergie et du Transport”) - each year, top French graduates who have been recruited to start a career as state civil servants are trained in management at the CDI.
The CDI is recognized by leading companies worldwide who finance the CDI and who pro-actively recruit the CDI graduates. The CDI’s operating entities are registered as companies under German, French, Swiss and Italian law.

When is the deadline for applying to the programme?

There are several deadlines throughout the year and in the different countries: March 31st for entrance beginning of September (main selection process) May 31st for entrance beginning of September (last deadline in Germany only).
For entrance beginning of January: deadline is September 30th (main selection process), November 30th for entrance beginning of January (last deadline in France only).

How many participants are company sponsored?

All admitted candidates automatically receive full financial aid which covers tuition fees, living expenses and health insurance. All participants are automatically company sponsored.

Are interviews part of the admission process?

Yes, candidates who have been selected based upon their written application are invited for interviews in Europe (Paris, Munich and Torino), North America (Boston) or China (Beijing).

What are the admission criteria?

The selection process is based on personality and leadership capacities, as well as an excellent academic record:
A potential for management positions with a strong potential for future development
A solid academic background with outstanding results in the engineering or scientific field (MSc., PhD level or equivalent).

Previous international experience is desirable but not a must: this may include study or work outside your home country. Good levels of English and either German or French or Italian are advantageous. There are no GMAT scores taken into account for admission. The selection process is based on

  • academic results
  • a written candidate statement
  • two letters of recommendation
  • the results of admission interviews at the CDI.

Interested candidates should request an application form from the CDI.

Who attends the programme?

High potential graduates (MSc. or PhD or equivalent) are admitted. Work experience is not required. The age of the participants is typically between 23 and 28 years.

Where will I participate in the CDI programme and what will be my place of residence?

All admitted fellows form one class. 3/4 of the courses are organized for the fellows in one of the locations of the CDI. These classes cover the main fields of management and business and are taught in English. 1/4 of the classes are organized locally for smaller sub-groups of fellows, either in German, French, Italian or English. Subjects taught in these sub-groups have a more national-orientation, or are concerned with the cultures of the participants (e.g. communication skills). The class size is smaller to ensure intensive learning.
Your place of residence during the 10 months at the CDI is the place where your in-company project takes place. The CDI takes care of your accommodation and travel to the courses held at other CDI locations.

How is the in-company project placement organized?

After admission to the CDI, the placement of each fellow for the in-company project is organized by the CDI. After discussion with the CDI, each fellow will have the opportunity to meet with one or more companies offering projects. Depending on the location of the chosen project, the fellow is then geographically based in France, Germany, Italy or Switzerland. Fellows are covered by the social security system of that country.

How does the in-company project work?

Each fellow will develop a practical learning through a in-company project in an international company during the programme. The aim of the project is to give each fellow the opportunity to bring real solutions to real business problems. The aim is to help the company to satisfy its own clients. Within the project, he or she will be in charge of defining the objectives together with the partner company. He or she will then propose the solution he or she sees to the problem and carry out the project. They are working with top management decision makers. Projects are focused on innovation, business development and market studies, strategic approaches to management issues or optimizing organization of the company. All projects are related to technology. Project phases within the company alternate with classes at the CDI. Companies in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland offer projects to the CDI. The CDI coaches its fellows during the project phase. Internal presentations and reports are part of the project management process. The project is evaluated on the criteria of client satisfaction and innovation through project work. Admission to the CDI is independent from any project proposed by companies.

What is the difference between a classical MBA programme and the CDI Management programme?

Participating fellows of the CDI are in a business environment: Each fellow admitted to the CDI will receive, during his ten-month stay, an international exposure to business through the in-company project. He or she will develop a practical training in an international company, bringing real solutions to real business problems and will apply to the project what he or she has learned in classes. Each fellow is paid by the CDI, tuition fees are covered by those companies offering project work.
Secondly, the programme is specially designed for top graduates from engineering and science universities. Classes place an emphasis on management of companies in the field of technology. The transnational approach, one class - different locations in Europe linked with international companies in these regions, makes the CDI a truly international management programme.

How international is the CDI?

Fellows of the CDI come from different countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Nationalities regularly represented in the classes are: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, China and Australia. Faculty and course material are both international for international business issues and national for national business issues. The CDI puts a special emphasis on European business and the European career market. The Collège des Ingénieurs is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment.

How many participating fellows are in the CDI Management programme?

Each year the CDI accepts approximately 100 graduates from 1200 applicants worldwide. A strict selection process ensures the high quality of participants. A degree in science or engineering is required (PhD, MSc. or equivalent). Upon admission all participating fellows of the CDI are sponsored financially. The relatively small programme allows the CDI to coach each fellow during the entire programme and specially for career counselling. It also allows a rich exchange, in class, between fellows coming from different countries.

How long is the programme?

The programme lasts 10 months of which approximately 600 hours are spent in class sessions. An additional 200 hours of study group sessions or individual preparation and personal projects have to be added. Some 1000 hours are spent by each fellow on the company project. In-company project phases alternate with classes at the CDI in the locations of the CDI in Europe (Paris, Stuttgart, Munich, Torino and St. Gall). There are two intakes: one in the first week of September and the second in the first week of January.

What is the emphasis of the CDI MBA programme?

The aim of the CDI Management programme is to prepare high potential engineering and science graduates from internationally renowned universities for top level positions in industry and service sectors. The programme combines an MBA programme with a practical learning project in a company.





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