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The MBA Programme - in a nutshell

"Qui agit intellegit" : Through Action comes Understanding

Our education philosophy is genuinely innovative. We believe that there are some things that can only be understood by acting. This is especially true in the case of management.

The management programme at the Collège des Ingénieurs is an innovative MBA programme: it is based on a unique development process of learning-through-action. It has been specially designed to take engineering and science graduates from the world’s top universities and prepare them for the highest and most responsible positions in the world of business. The CDI searches for the unusual profile of the entrepreneur, capable of stimulating real innovation and driving through change programmes. This explains why the CDI is very selective, international and why it accepts only one hundred participants per year for all of its three sites (Paris, Munich and Turin) from among one thousand four hundred applications.

Once accepted, the MBA programme participants become salaried employees of the Collège des Ingénieurs with a 10 month contract. This gives them free access to the series of intensive seminars and the “junior consultant” assignments within a chosen organisation. The salary covers the cost of living.

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Research and Phd

The CDI and the prestigious Pierre and Marie Curie University have developed a joined programme PhD and MBA "Science and Management".

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CDI Entrepreneurship

A unique introduction seminar to entrepreneurship.

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The "College" concept

In terms of educational theory, the "College" concept breaks free from the conventional, rigidly structured, teaching process which constrains participants to a pre-determined academic curriculum.

The College ethos creates a place of freedom, made possible by the quality and small number of participants. A place of thirsty minds which requires tolerance, and a range of special expertise, essential ingredients for a fertile environment that will encourage critical but creative individuals. A place of sharing between major decision-makers and young talent.

It is a spirit that drives all the great European Colleges such as the Ecole Normale Supérieure and, of course, Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.



Leadership center

The CDI has created its own network of experts: the CDI Leadership Center. 

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Large indutrial companies and consultancy firms are particularly interested in applications from MBA graduates from the Collège des Ingénieurs. They rate the qualification at the same level as the best international MBAs.
So today the business world is home to a number of College alumni in very high positions.

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